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Our Process Based Reverse Engineering Program & Achieving the Nuclear Promise

Common Myths on Reverse Engineering
Dynamic Solutions USA, Inc., (DS USA, Inc.) a small minority business, was founded in 1998 in the state of New York with its offices in the city of Poughkeepsie, New York.

DS USA Inc. is an engineering management and technical staffing services firm specializing in providing support to manufacturing facilities, nuclear power generation plans, engineering support, and maintenance and procurement engineering services.

Our seconded staff can provide innovative temporary staffing solutions with a range of expertise to a variety of industries. Our direct experience includes client support in areas of Manufacturing and Suppliers Quality Program / System Development / Improvement and Assessment, Nuclear Power Plant System Design, Safety-Related Licensing Topical Report Support, Component Nuclear Qualifications, Software Validation and Verification, Commercial Grade Item Dedication, Quality Control, Configuration Management, and Maintenance Support. DS USA, Inc. President and senior staff have supported Safety-Related Designs, Quality Assurance and Qualifications and are very familiar with Specification of 65 nuclear facilities worldwide. We strive for The Standardization of the Engineering Thought Processes.
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